Amanda Jane

Hi! I am Amanda Jane


I am two and a half year old now, I get to go to the dog shows with Penny my friend and we always go camping for a week or so after the shows --- I love camping, we go fishing, catch red claw, run raged, go swiming, eat and sleep in the air con van with Trish and Kerry - what a life -

At home I am called Emily, Amanda Jane is my pedigree name that I use when we go to shows, if your wondering.

I am a little fat at the moment (but don't stress) it's fine, I am pregnet with my firsy litter of pups Dad is Preston and we make a very fine two some both being very gentle and loveing, our pups are due with in the next week or so keep a look out for photos. 

Love from Emily


I am proud to tell you all that I have lost weight !!!!!

Yes that is right, my babies are here all safe and sound  in front of the fire BUT not today as Kerry had to clean out the fire place .

I had three boys and two girls very lovely of cause as they are mine OK then ours.

A few photos are up just so you can have a wee look

Cheers from Amanda Jane (Emily)


Contact Details

Trish and Kerry Kopp
Gympie, QLD, Australia
Phone : 07 54812543
Email : [email protected]