Isinheart Mya

Mya that's me the Isinheart baby, what can I say - I'm the best.


I was born in July 2013, at Isinheart so that makes me now 6 years old, life is a breeze, "I have the look" - I do nothing wrong because it is all ways some one else's fault.


I have had  a litter of pups in February 2017, 2018 and 2019I guess that makes me all grown up now, Mature, Intelligent, hang on let me look in the mirror  "NO"  I haven't changed (so don't look at the boobs and I still feel like me so don't worry I still have the look.

My babies did just eat  and slept - cool, the job was easy, they grew, get fat and I ate, slept and felt like a jerry cow on tap milkshake machine and of course they were all  so amazing,  gorgeous  and cuddly.

Next I knew they found their leg (my job gets harder) but It was  fun playing with and teaching them things, sitting and watching them in ore of their beauty and my perfect mothering - they were good most of the time but you know kids, they did have to be chastised from times to time, one good thing about play time is that they wear out quickly and drop off to sleep, so I, being the intelagent Mum would go inside and have a well earnt cuddle and relax in front of the fire.

                                            BLISS - to easy laying back living the dream, then splat a pup will  learn to get inside.

BLISS what BLISS - but ha! it's me, don't worry -  stay calm  - I can do this!!! be sides the pups won't learn to climb onto the arm chair ............. 

Well just a little up date, I am now retired, have a few grey hairs but I still have the look.



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Trish and Kerry Kopp
Gympie, QLD, Australia
Phone : 07 54812543
Email : [email protected]